Blog Birthday – yoomi Giveaway!


One of the reasons I didn’t express very often when breastfeeding our children was that I found it difficult, and a bit of a faff, to heat up milk to the right temperature each time. yoomi have created a feeding system that solves this problem!

yoomi is a bottle that warms your baby’s feed in just 60 seconds. Feeding on-the-go, in the middle of the night or getting feed to perfect breast milk temperature can now be a whole lot easier. yoomi has won numerous awards since it was created and has been named one of Britains top 15 inventions of the last decade – It’s easy to see why.


If I had known about yoomi when I had LP nearly three years ago I could have expressed more often as yoomi would have saved me the worry of getting the temperature of the feed right and the time to heat the feed. 60 seconds is no time at all and yoomi looks like something every family could benefit from.

Following overwhelming claims of yoomi being a ‘godsend’, yoomi gift sets were launched in collaboration with Skibz Bibs and have proved highly popular as Baby Shower gifts. The yoomi range has now expanded to offer parents cost effective and practical yoomi bundles for all their feeding needs.

yoomi are giving away an 8oz Feeding System to one lucky reader. The yoomi 3-in-1 feeding system combines a premium easi-latch bottle, a travel warmer and a bedside warmer in one compact and stylish package. At the touch of a button, yoomi warms baby’s milk to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds. The yoomi set also includes the new super–quick charging pod to make feeding even easier.


To be in with a chance of winning please use the rafflecopter below. To see the rest of the #AwesomeAugust giveaways click here.

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Me & You – August

This month’s Me & You was taken on a phone at Legoland in a good old fashioned selfie shot but I love it. Hubby and I used to take selfie photos constantly before the children came along, every holiday, every day out and every single opportunity we’d take a photo together. We even had a ‘proper’ camera for taking all our holiday snaps but then a compact camera for selfies!

This impromptu snap that Hubby took is so natural and so ‘us’. I love that there is nothing fake about it, nothing posed and it was taken just after we arrived at Legoland, at a perfectly happy moment.

We’re now getting used to our work/life pattern and making the most of our family days – Things like Legoland will be regular events as the months go by. Hubby and I are taking time to watch movies together in the evenings and we even went for our first night away without the children last weekend – There was a time when I couldn’t imagine leaving the children overnight and the thought would make me feel physically sick. Now though, Hubby and I need some time together every so often and the kids had a fantastic time with their grandparents. I’m hoping this time as a couple will become more of a regular thing – not every week but maybe every couple of months at least.


dear beautiful

Review: Internet Gift Store Happy Jackson Range

I love finding new places to shop online especially when it comes to buying gifts – it’s even better if I can shop for multiple gifts for different people all in one go from one store as it saves so much time and usually cuts down the postage costs too. When Internet Gift Store asked us to review some products from their online store I knew exactly what I would choose.

I have had my eye on the Happy Jackson range for some time and loved that it was available from Internet Gift Store. The range is vast and covers stationery, bags, storage and even kitchen bits and pieces. Happy Jackson products are bold, brightly coloured and often funny appealing to a wide variety of people.

Review: Internet Gift Store Happy Jackson Range

We chose to review a Happy Jackson Fridge Jotter that is something I always need in my life – the handy notepad has magnets to fix onto your fridge but this could be used on any metal surface around your home. It also comes with a pencil that compliments the set perfectly. The Happy Jackson Fridge Jotter now holds our shopping list and I love how it brightens up our kitchen.

Review: Internet Gift Store Happy Jackson Range

The next item we were sent to review was the Happy Jackson Notepad. Happy Jackson Notepads come in a range of sizes and have plain or slogan covers. The cover has a lovely soft finish to it and the ‘Random Crap’ slogan is perfect for me – I write a lot of random crap at times! The pages are great quality and the addition of an elastic band to keep your place in the book or to hold the book together is perfect. I’ll definitely be buying Happy Jackson Notebooks for blogging events in future.

Review: Internet Gift Store Happy Jackson Range

Review: Internet Gift Store Happy Jackson Range

The last item I reviewed is something that I loved immediately. The Happy Jackson Lunchbox is made of two plastic tubs that slide over each other, there is then a stretchy strap that goes around the lunchbox to keep it all together. The colours are bright, the plastic is durable and it’s a fantastic size for my lunch at work – Perfect!

Review: Internet Gift Store Happy Jackson Range

Internet Gift Store stocks a variety of products for every occasion, every age and every personality. They stock a great Back To School range and offer free delivery over £30. From collectibles to gadgets, a keepsake or something unusual it really is worth taking a look at Internet Gift Store next time you have a present to buy.

Review: Internet Gift Store Happy Jackson Range

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Energy Saving Ideas for Families

*This is a sponsored post

5 Ways

The increase in energy prices over the last couple of years have left many families struggling to come to terms with their ballooning gas and electricity costs. If you have young children it’s very important that you home is kept warm and inviting for them at all times, and this costs money. If you’re interested in saving money on your energy bills, it’s important to put strategies into place to ensure that your home retains heat and that appliances are not left running unnecessarily.

Spend on Insulation

You can’t underestimate the importance of insulation. If you want your home to be warm and cosy, without your energy bills taking a huge chunk out of your earnings, insulation is essential. It’s recommended that you have at least ten inches of loft insulation, as this will save most families around £150 a year. Remember that inexpensive draught excluders placed in front of external doors can make a big difference. It’s also a good idea to check whether your family is eligible to receivefinancial help with making eco-friendly changes to your home, and these changes include draught-proofing, double glazing, and loft-insulation.

Swap Your Light Bulbs

One of the easiest ways to save money on your energy bills is to change over the light bulbs you currently use. Energy-saving light bulbs are more efficient than their regular counterparts. Replacing a single filament bulb, that wastes 90 percent of its energy as heat, with an energy- saving alternative can save you around £3 per year, and swapping all the bulbs in your home will save you upwards of £55. Energy-saving light bulbs may cost a little more, but they earn back their extra cost almost immediately. You can also try installing LED lights, as these bulbs are incredibly eco-friendly. They only produce a small amount of heat and last longer than most other types of lighting.

Get the Kids Involved

Even young children can be taught to understand the importance of saving power, to benefit the environment. It’s a great way to get kids interested in environmental concerns and the planet on which they live. Encourage them to switch off lights and lamps when they leave a room (if they can reach), and to turn off electronic devices like televisions, laptops and mobile phone chargers at the plug, rather than leaving them on stand-by.

Review: IWOOT Heat ‘n’ Eat

Hubby and I have always been fans of popcorn, especially microwave popcorn and we have always had it as a treat when watching a movie in the evening. When we started on Weight Watchers again earlier this year we found out that we could have homemade popcorn, rather than microwave packets, for ‘free’ and this became a staple snack for us rather than a movie accompaniment. But the time it took to cook popcorn on the hob turned into a bit of a faff and for that reason we haven’t had popcorn in a good couple of months. That is, until IWOOT sent us their Heat ‘n’ Eat to review.

Review: IWOOT Heat 'n' Eat

Heat ‘n’ Eat is a microwave popcorn maker with a difference – You don’t need oil! This clever plastic bowl and lid comes complete with an integrated measuring cup that you fill with popping corn. You then pour this into the bowl, put the lid on, put the measuring cup back in place and heat it in the microwave – So simple!

Review: IWOOT Heat 'n' Eat

The popping process took longer than the instructions indicated but not by that much – for our power of microwave the instructions suggested a 2 minute cooking time but this was really about 3.5 minutes – Still not very long at all! After the kernels have popped, you can eat the popcorn straight out of the tub! We usually sprinkle it with artificial sweetener to keep the popcorn Weight Watchers friendly but you could add sugar, cinnamon, butter or anything else you fancy.

Review: IWOOT Heat 'n' Eat

I am actually amazed by the Heat ‘n’ Eat. For a price of £13.99 with free delivery it is an absolute bargain especially as it is dishwasher safe and comes complete with a heatproof mat. Usually to have a healthier lifestyle things cost a premium but with the Heat ‘n’ Eat you get that great freshly cooked popcorn experience with no oil at all – Amazing! Everyone should have one!

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.