The Beginning of Us – Jade’s Story

Today’s Beginning of Us story is from Jade over at Late for Reality. Jade is someone I love bumping into at blogging events – such a lovely person who will talk to everyone! I’m lucky enough to class her as one of my best blogging chums and if you don’t read her blog you really should, and follow her on Twitter too – @JadePirard!

Over to Jade…

The story of how Joe and I met started in the early 90’s but this story is about how we fell in love. Fast forward 15 or so years and 19 year old me took a journey that would change my life forever.

The Journey…

From the moment I left the house all I could think was soon I will be there. It was the day I got to see him again. The boy I met 15 years ago in the school playground.

Getting in the car I felt the wave of excitement and my tummy was full of huge dancing butterflies. I pulled off the driveway and began the 1.5 hour drive to Shropshire.

With my sat nav in tow, I whizzed down the M1, off at junction 19 and I was on my way there! The traffic through Birmingham was hell due to the 50 mph zone and road works (little did I know they would be the bane of my weekends for the next few months).

Pulling in to Cannock Services, my heart leapt as I received a text message: “Hope the journey is ok, I cant wait to see you! x”

It was him! I got into the car and I was off again, driving towards the M54 and wondering what he is going to be like! We had been talking again for a few months on social media but now was our chance to meet face to face after so many years. He wouldn’t be that little boy I went to school with anymore!!

Driving down a deserted M54 I put my foot down, doing anything above 70 in my Saxo was virtually impossible, 65 it was then! Next came the moment I pulled on to the A41…the longest road I have ever driven down!! It felt like it went on for hours!

But finally 30 minutes later I nervously pulled into a quiet car park where I saw a car, he had come to meet me and show me the rest of the way.

One look was all it took…

Finally, all the nerves had gone….I was at my destination!

But our Journey was far from over!

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Oh Jade that photo! The story makes me wish for chapter two! To think that you were at school together, and have that photo, and then meet again so many years later! What a lovely story!

If you would like to read the other posts in the series you can see them all here and remember to come back next week for another lovely story!


I added ‘See Fireworks’ to my bucket list at the start of the year and forgot about it, until the world went Halloween crazy and I knew it was time to start investigating local fireworks displays. Unfortunately for us, Hubby was working all the evenings when fireworks would be on and doesn’t have any more annual leave left to take. But at some point I stumbled onto the Legoland website and say that they were having Halloween themed dates for their ‘Brick or Treat’ event and had a few dates where they would be having a fireworks display too. One of these dates fell on a rest day for Hubby and so we decided to go last weekend.

I hadn’t been to a theme park at Halloween since I was about ten and went to Fright Night at Chessington World of Adventures. I had no idea what to expect at Legoland but followed all the advice I could find online. We arrived early, parked easily and made our way into an already busy park. The fireworks weren’t due to start until 6:30pm and so we knew we had a long day ahead of us, especially as by 6:30pm LP and LM were usually fed and getting into the bath!

We went on a few rides, walked around Miniland, saw the Star Wars exhibit and had a much more relaxing day than we usually do at legoland, mainly because we knew we had so much time – usually we have to be heading home by 4:30pm ready for dinner, bath and bed.

AT about 5pm we paid for our parking, wandered around the shops and grabbed some doughnuts and hot drinks before heading to Miniland to find a spot to relax for a while before the fireworks started. The longest part of this was queuing for drinks and we ended up sitting on the floor in Miniland by 6pm complete with pumpkin lego kit from the shop!

By this point the kids were exhausted. Little Man hadn’t slept all day as it was all just far too exciting for him and he sat happily in the pushchair. LP sat on the floor, eating a banana and watching a lego train go past.

The fireworks started at 6:30pm. Little Man stayed in the pushchair for half of them and then I held him before passing him across to Hubby. LP stayed with her Daddy for the first part but then I geld her at the end. Although exhausted we all enjoyed the fireworks and sound track although wherever you see fireworks they are always over too quickly. The view was fantastic and considering the fireworks were included in the Legoland admission price they were a lovely addition to a great day.



Little Man loved his first fireworks experience and LP was talking about them all the way back to the car. The only downside was trying to get out the car park for 40 minutes but by that point the children were asleep and we were home by 8pm.

All in all a really lovely day.


Meet Hello Kitty and Celebrate Her 40th Anniversary!

If you are at a loss of something to do this weekend and are all Halloween-ed out then why not travel into London for something completely different. Hello Kitty will be celebrating her 40th anniversary by spreading happiness and hugs in London’s iconic Hamleys store.

Since 1974, Hello Kitty has been spreading kindness all over the world, and in 2014 she’s been celebrating her big anniversary and giving hugs across the globe. Now in London, Hello Kitty will be marking her 40th anniversary celebration through the global hug-a-thon at Hamleys, on Saturday 1st of November between 12pm and 4pm.

Hello Kitty will also be unveiling a very special, life size cake complete with an edible ruby bow! Come along with all your friends to have a slice of the delicious cake, and have a hug with Hello Kitty on her special day.

Date: Saturday 1st of November
Time: 12pm – 4pm, big cake unveiling at 1pm
Address: 2nd Floor, Hamleys, 188-196 Regent Street, W1B 5BT
 HelloKitty40th (2)

Review: Tickle & Giggle Peppa

Although we’ve never really watch Peppa Pig on the TV LP knows who she is and shouts Peppa whenever she sees that little piggy! We were sent the Tickle & Giggle Peppa to review and I thought it would be a great toy for LP and LM to share.

Review: Tickle & Giggle Peppa

Ever since Tickle & Giggle Peppa arrived LP has been attached to it, even taken it up to bed with her – although we had to ‘make Peppa go to sleep’ by using the off switch or she would have been awake all night making Peppa giggle!

Review: Tickle & Giggle Peppa

Tickle & Giggle Peppa has a large amount of phrases that she says when you press her tummy. Unlike other toys with a press button this one only needs the lightest of touches so that if LP tickles Peppa’s tummy then Peppa will say something, it’s great that it is so sensitive as it makes the tickling and giggling a lot more realistic.

Review: Tickle & Giggle Peppa

Little Man loves to cuddle Peppa and smiles when she says something but LP loves to interact with Peppa and will tickle her tummy when she asks. This shows how great this toy is for different ages and if you have a little Peppa fan you know that this toy will last them quite a while.

I think that Tickle & Giggle Peppa is a great size for cuddles and taking on days out. She isn’t small enough to lose easily or too big that she gets in the way. Overall I think Tickle & Giggle Peppa would make a great companion for any child.

Tickle & Giggle Peppa has an RRP of £14.99

Review: Tickle & Giggle Peppa

Disclosure: We were sent the above toy for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Growing Potatoes

Growing Potatoes

I ventured into our somewhat overgrown vegetable patch the other day with a very specific aim in mind – I had to dig up potatoes! A fair few months ago I planted potatoes into a large and unused section of our vegetable patch in the hope that they would be something simple and low maintenance that I could grow. I’d also heard that they would break up the soil nicely so that it would be easier to grow other crops the following year.

Growing Potatoes

Potatoes are great in the sense that each plant is a surprise as you don’t know what is waiting for you under the ground. I took advice from google when I dug up the potatoes, some websites said to dig them up when they started flowering, others said when the leaves started dying away and some said to wait until the plants were dead. I had vague memories of growing potatoes as a child and decided to wait until the leaves had died off before I started to dig the potatoes out of the ground.

I decided to just dig up enough potatoes to last us the week and in the end that was about a third of our crop, plenty more to dig up over the coming weeks. I’m planning on leaving the rest underground, plants still attached, until we need them – I have no idea if this is right or wrong but right now I’m just impressed that we have managed to grow something!

Growing the potatoes in the beginning was easy, all we had to do was buy seed potatoes from the garden centre, put them in an egg box on the window ledge and wait for the sun to work it’s magic. Before long they were sprouting and ready to go in the ground. I laid them out a few inches apart in a little trench I had dug with the roots pointing downwards and covered them up, leaving them for a few months before harvesting. I know that it’s recommended not to grow potatoes in the same bed in two consecutive years so I will be planting them in a different place next year.

So that’s our first ever harvest of potatoes! We are now pretty good at growing strawberries, rhubarb and potatoes! I am aiming to grow something new every year. What shall we add into the mix next year?

Growing Potatoes