The Wonders of Search Engines

I was scrolling through my Bloglovin the other day and saw that Katie at Hurrah For Gin had written a post that I’ve had half finished in my drafts for a while. She tried to answer some of the questions that had brought readers across to her blog. This is something I started writing a few months back and now, thanks to Katie, I have had the nudge to finally dust this post off and get it published!

One of the great things about having a blog is also having the ability to see lots of the search terms used that have caused the general public to stumble across your little blog in the whole of the world wide web. I look at the search terms every so often, laugh, cringe and then wish I could answer those questions!

So here’s a list of things that people have searched for that have brought them to my blog and the best responses I can give – ignore the bad grammar, punctuation, spelling – that is thanks to the Google user! If you want this post with added humour, go and read Katie’s ‘What random searchy things bring people to my blog?‘ post.

weight watchers simple start food list - This is something people have searched for, and found my blog, over 500 times and it isn’t something I have ever put on my blog and I won’t either. The Simple Start food list is something you can only get from a Weight Watchers meeting. Go, join, get weighed, get the list, put less in, move more, lose weight. Simples.

graco evo what age can it be used till – Until your child can walk by themselves. Until your child is too big for it. Either way, it’s as long as a piece of string – It depends on the size of your child. I’d say a pretty average three year old would fit nicely in it but my pretty tiny three year old refuses to ever go in a pushchair and now walks everywhere – It really does depend on the child rather than the age.

karen delaney – I have no idea who this person is but someone asked Google 11 times and my blog was the answer. If anyone knows Karen then please tell Google where she is. Thanks!

tunnocks milk chocolate tea cakes how many points on weight watchers - I haven’t a clue. Buy them at half price, then they’re automatically half the points anyway. Or eat them just after you’ve been weighed – the rest of that day never counts either!

comparison between graco evo and graco sky – I haven’t done this but I really should. If you’re asking which is better – I love the Graco Sky, such an affordable travel system, huge shopping basket, handy cup holders that actually work and a super little foot that makes it stand up when folded. BUY THE SKY!

when is red head week – No idea, but in our house every day is redhead day!

how to work out postage costs for ebay – You probably found my guide on postage but like me you have probably now got sick of eBay’s ever rising fees and Royal Mail’s daylight robbery so you instead sell on Facebook selling sites to people who will haggle over 50p in a stream of neverending private messages.

baby led weaning floor mat - One word – POUNDLAND!

is quidco premium worth it - Yes. And if you’re not on Quidco yet – SIGN UP NOW!! – #FreeMoney

fell off weight watchers wagon – Make the most of it, eat all the cake. Then dust yourself off and get right back on the wagon. Tomorrow is a new day – tomorrow move more and put less in.

treats on simple start - Jaffa Cakes. That is all you need to know.

donna has siblings on a school day – Erm. Well. I never have my brothers and sisters irrelevant of school days. LP and Little Man are Siblings and I have them on school days, although LP goes to preschool. Not sure what you were looking for there.

ive been on weight watchers simple start and not losing weight - You’re not doing it right. Put the biscuits away.

how to fry an egg in a ceracraft pan - Same as frying an egg in any other pan. They’ve invented a new style frying pan, not changed how you fry an egg.

anyone starving on the simple start weight watchers - No, eat more.

on simple start can you have to lunches instead of dinner - You can eat mini shredded wheat all day every day if you want to. You can miss out all proper meals and snack all day if you want. Go to the meeting, read the info, eat from the list. Done.

bandana on my neck - Not my sort of thing, but maybe you’ll set a new fashion trend. Like bandana bibs for grown ups!

country park seating - Benches usually.

redhead bra – I don’t think bras are hair colour specific to be honest….

baby led weaning twins – I presume it’s the same but in duplicate.

couple eat milk cake - I’m sure lots of couples have eaten milk and cake. No idea what you were searching for.

eating out on simple start weight watchers – Don’t even try. Stay at home and eat crumpets.

fit redhead - Well I have started running…

rage redhead child - Well LP does have her moments…

what to do if your panasonic tv remote no longer works – Watch the same channel forever? Read a book instead? Buy a new one? Change the batteries.

work or not work – That is the question!

“hayley” redhead hampshire - I don’t think they were looking for me somehow…

chantelle red hair and studies nursing - Still not me, sorry!

elizabeth holland redhead - Nope, wrong again.

2 tog and 3 tog, which is warmer - Seriously?!

animals kept in enclosures - I think that’s called a zoo

best highchair for baby led weaning - Ikea Antilop. Easy.

bra straps fall down – Make them tighter.

breastfeeding old man - I really don’t think my blog is what you were looking for.

credit/debit in love - Well they do say money makes the world go round…

crush on gary barlow - Oh maybe just a little!

cute baby doing sit ups – hahahahaha. Now that is something I might have to google!

frog meets a bog beast - Poor frog! No idea what post you ended up at…

gone potty - I know that feeling.

grown up potty – It’s called a toilet!

hairy man hollywood celebrity – There are quite a few to choose from!

huge pregnant redhead – I don’t think I was THAT big…

man scraping wall cartoon fry eggs – Erm…. Pass.

odd ducks – Pass again.

perfect redhead body – Maybe in the dark.

racist names for a redhead – Well. What can I say? Redheads are now a race!

redhead addict - There are worse things to be addicted to.

redheaded national holidays - Shall we petition parliament? Sounds like a great idea to me!

 shiny redhead – I’m ginger, not bald.

stoning of the elves – Bit harsh! Even if you’re not into Christmas that’s a tad on the extreme side!

take a duvet day – Everyone needs a duvet day every once in a while

what do you get a redhead for christmas – Pretty much the same as you’d get a brunette or blonde.

what toy reminds me of a redhead – Fraggles.


Well there you have an insight into the minds of people stumbling across Redhead Babyled. What an eclectic mix of search terms! Most relating to pushchairs, weight and redheads!

Crafty Afternoons thanks to Baker Ross

LP and I have been trying to make the most of Little Man’s nap times by doing things that we can’t really do whilst he is around – painting, baking or craft activities. We were sent a box full of craft ideas from Baker Ross that will last us all the way up to and through the festive season so we have been using this to keep us occupied whilst Little Man is asleep.

Crafty Afternoons thanks to Baker Ross

We were sent a great set of owl stained glass decorations to make and LP really enjoyed picking which colours to use for the owls feathers, eyes and wings. Although LP loves to be crafty she can’t yet glue things herself but has fun when I’m there to put the glue on!

Crafty Afternoons thanks to Baker Ross

The stained glass decoration turned out really well and LP carried it around the room with her before letting me put it in pride of place on our dining room window – although she does still ask for me to get it down for her all the time!

Crafty Afternoons thanks to Baker Ross

We also put together a few christmas gift boxes that came in handy kits. The variety was great, kept LP interested and all the kits came with an extra googly eye and extra sequins in case you lost any – a great touch as LP was forever hiding sequins everywhere! We now have a little stash of googly eyes for our next crafting project.

Crafty Afternoons thanks to Baker Ross

Another of our Baker Ross projects was to decorate a ceramic tealight holder with ceramic glittery pens. This was great fun and LP’s favourite part was the battery operated candles we were sent – she loved them and loves that she can now have candles in her bedroom! LP chose the colours and I helped her to colour in the tealight holder and I think it turned out quite well!

Crafty Afternoons thanks to Baker Ross

Lastly, we made a set of Christmas Cards for LP to give to her friends and family. Simple card kits are easy to decorate and we used stickers on ours – I’ll be helping LP to draw extra details on them nearer Christmas. She loved sticking foam stickers onto the cards and loved the shape of the cards – She said they were shoes for her!

Crafty Afternoons thanks to Baker Ross

Baker Ross have got a great variety of crafts for every season and occasion. If you’re looking for something different to do with your children or some rainy day activities then they are well worth a look.

Crafty Afternoons thanks to Baker Ross

Disclosure: We were sent the above items for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Review: The Basket Company Children’s Basket and Competition!

The Basket Company recently sent us a beautiful Child Size Mini Shopping Basket to review and LP loved it straight away. The basket is a perfect size for role play shopping, child sized picnics or a great basket to use when going Trick or Treat-ing soon.

Review: The Basket Company Children's Basket and Competition!

LP loves bags and loves to play shops so the basket was a great addition to our toy collection. LP loves to fill the basket with anything that she can find and then tells me that she is going to go on a picnic, which she then acts out with Little Man – Children are so cute!

Review: The Basket Company Children's Basket and Competition!

The Basket Company do a vast range of baskets for every single use and if our children’s basket is anything to go by they are well made and great value too – This basket is a huge bargain at just £5.50! If you’re looking for more storage options around your home or decorative accessories then The Basket Company would be a great place to look.

Review: The Basket Company Children's Basket and Competition!

As Halloween is fast approaching, The Basket Company have given me five children’s baskets to give away that you can then use on Trick or Treat, playing or even just storing children’s socks in! Whatever your use for the children’s basket, don’t miss out and enter using the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: We were sent the above basket for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Me & Mine – September

This month has been a whirlwind of a month that I just can’t believe is over. This month saw LP start preschool and ever since we have had our week’s ruled by drop offs and pick ups. As Hubby works shifts and one of my working days changes from week to week we have never really had a week/weekend routine before so having a new weekday routine is taking some getting used to.

This month has also seen LP’s best friend turn three and welcome a new little sister into the world – LP and Little Man have another gorgeous playmate! The newborn cuddles are amazing – and that baby smell! I don’t think I will ever forget that smell.

We have spent a big part of this month decorating our bedroom and collecting new furniture and bits and pieces for it. It’s not quite complete yet but very, very nearly. Next step will be to decorate Little Man’s bedroom into his big boy room at some point next year. For now, we are having a decorating break.

I met someone new this month too, my lovely Twitter chum Lauren who is expecting her first baby next year. It was lovely to meet, finally, talk babies and introduce her to the kids. We had a lovely lunch, a lovely day and will be meeting up again very soon!

That is pretty much our month. We haven’t really done a huge amount outside of work and preschool apart from an impromptu trip to Brighton but it’s been good to have a month of settling into our new routine and I’m hoping October sees us do more as a family.

This month’s photo was taken yesterday, the last opportunity we had to take a photo! Hubby’s just got in from work, the kids are having the afternoon milk and snacks and I am in jogger bottoms and a jumper – slouchy around the house clothes! This is us on a usual afternoon, relaxing, playing and not bothering much.


dear beautiful


5 Things To Consider When Buying a Family Car

*This post is in collaboration with VCars

5 Ways

A couple of months ago we bought a new family car and it took us quite a long time scouring the internet to find the perfect car for our family. Every family is different and would look for different things in their family car so here are just a few things to consider when searching for your new family vehicle.

Will it last as your family grows? If you have more children in the future will they fit in the car? A car is a huge expense for a car to only last a couple of years. Also, does the car have Isofix fittings for car seats and can you fit three car seats along the back seat of the car? If not, would a 7 seater car be better?

Is it economical? You may think that a huge, brand new, shiny car may be amazing to have but after the initial cost of the car will it bankrupt you in a few months will the cost of fuel, maintenance, car tax and insurance? There are many large family cars now that have low emissions, give you more miles per gallon and have lower car tax costs. It’s definitely worth researching how much tax and insurance will cost as well as how many miles you can get from a tank of petrol/diesel before you buy your new car.

How safe is the car? It’s amazing how much cars can vary when it comes to safety and VCars have put together a list of the safety family cars on the market to help you decide. No-one ever expects to have a car accident but if something does happen then you would want to have the best chances of coming away from the accident with minimal injuries.

Used or New? New cars are more expensive than used cars but they often have a lot of promotions on them. They also have three years where you won’t need to have an MOT done and the initial maintenance costs should be lower than a used car that has had general wear and tear already. Used cars though have a smaller initial and new cars do lose a chunk of their value as soon as they are registered. There are definite pros and cons to new and used cars.

What do you need the car for? Will it just be used for the school run and weekly food shops? Will you be driving across the country often or even driving in Europe? Do you need a car to fit everything but the kitchen sink for family holidays? Depending on what you need the car for the specification of the car may vary – Do you need a lot of storage space? Or the possibility of having a roof rack or a bike rack on the car? Decide what you will be using the car for and narrow down your options.

What made you choose the car that your family own? For me it was a combination of price, size and the fact I didn’t want to be buying another new car for a fair few years!